A Complete Concept for Jazz Guitar


"Very accessible and inspiring! There´s a lot of very useful information." Jan Peter Boelema

"A VERY GOOD DEAL! These lines work perfect." Ansgar Specht

"I´m having lot´s of fun with the DVD and am so pleased I made the decision to buy." Ben John


Here are some video excerpts from the new series "A Complete Concept for Jazz Guitar". The series consists of twenty in-depth lessons on various topics including Jazz Blues, II-V-I Progressions, Comping, Chord-Melody and Developing Technique. Each lesson has an average length of 20 minutes, making the complete series over 400 minutes = 6 1/2 hours! You also get loads of as well as play-a-longs & transcriptions of all the material featured in the lessons.

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Here´s what you get:

- 20 Video Lessons with an average length of 20 minutes = 400 minutes = 6 1/2 hours!

- Playalongs in mp3 format of all the exercises demonstrated in the videos

- Transcriptions in pdf format of all material performed in the video


The lessons are full of useful information and exercises which will help you improve your playing in so many ways!


Here´s a list of all the videos in the series:


Lesson 1: Jazz Blues

Lesson 2: Minor Blues

Lesson 3: Major Scale Structures

Lesson 4: II-V-I Progression

Lesson 5: Ipanema Concepts

Lesson 6: Chord Melody

Lesson 7: Chord Voicings Part 1

Lesson 8: Developing Technique

Lesson 9: Modal Improvisation Part 1

Lesson 10: Modal Improvisation Part 2

Lesson 11: Modal Improvisation Part 3

Lesson 12: Quartal Harmony

Lesson 13: Pentatonics Part 1

Lesson 14: Chord Voicings Part 2

Lesson 15: Dominant Diminished Scale

Lesson 16: Altered Dominant Scale

Lesson 17: Comping

Lesson 18: Comping Bass Lines (Walking Bass)

Lesson 19: Pentatonics Part 2

Lesson 20: Playing Odd-Metre Grooves


Each video comes with mp3 play-a-longs and pdf transcriptions of all content. Here´s an example:


Lesson 8 Example


The price of the complete series is only €75, or US$99! That´s incredible value considering the depth and variety of the material.


You can also buy each individual lesson for €7,50 or US$9.99! There´s so much useful information packed into these lessons and your playing will improve rapidly from using them. What are you waiting for? You can order now here!


Check out these excerpts of the video lessons and also the testimonials from some of my ex-students:













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